Venatus Jones is a consulting agency that helps small-to-medium-sized enterprises (SME’s) reach full potential without the usual formalities like suits and sky-high fees.

Venatus Jones establishes a tête-à-tête relationship with business owners, getting to know what makes their organisations tick before helping implement simple plans to lift them to the next level.

Less than half of all start-up businesses survive the first two years, while over 80 per cent of businesses don’t make it beyond 10 years.

The good news is that most businesses encounter the same problems and that sometimes only a little bit of help can make the difference between going bankrupt or growing and prospering.

Which one of the blocks on the left (<—) is your business?

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We are a group of Croatians from diaspora who have returned to Croatia with a wealth of experience in the world of business, working in diverse sectors and industries, from small to medium-sized companies to government, not-for-profits and large, global players. We want to share our knowledge and skills to help Croatian businesses understand and thrive in free market economies, whether domestically or on the international stage.

Our specialties range from strategy to marketing and sales, finance and leadership coaching to EU and fundraising, as well as business analytics to new technologies.

We apply proven consulting methodologies and practice in a 40-week program, helping to grow your business and lift it to the next level.

Typically, we will meet on-site with you and your staff once per week, bringing your problems or challenges back to our office, where we will brainstorm from a repository of Venatus Jones IP and experience. In the first 6-10 weeks, we screen the performance of your company, examining alignment with the McKinsey 7S Framework – Strategy, Structure, Systems, Staff, Style, Skills and Shared Values – before developing and implementing the best course of action.

Living and working in Western free markets, we have witnessed first-hand typical W-shaped business cycles, helping you identify and anticipate various stages which are better suited to focus on building efficiencies or phases that ar ideal to develop capabilities for growth.
You may need help reaching customers through savvy marketing, more effective sales funnels, in-depth research or networking. You may need advice on speaking to your bank, securing more favorable credit terms, accessing government subsidies or EU non-returnable funding. You may need to recruit skilled staff, retrain current employees or develop leaders to improve management, perhaps succeed as majority owners.

Or more often then not, you may just need professional advice on a regular basis on all sorts of daily business dilemmas.

Most businesses owners face three main headaches.
1. They need to make more money
2. They need more time
3. They need less stress

Coming from working class families, we are passionate about SME’s as they are the backbone of every healthy economy. We understand your problems and know it is not a small thing to start a business and survive in Croatia’s transitional market, but we are here to help with a simple and affordable model to add value to any business.

Our service is from month-to-month with no penalty for termination. If you are not happy with our work and do not see value, then you are under no obligation to continue. It is that easy to start or end cooperation with Venatus Jones.

Eugene Brcic Jones

A consultant specialising in strategy, marketing with longtime experience for global brands including Vodafone, Red Bull and KPMG. Likes cooking exotic dishes and pushing shopping trolleys in busy supermarkets.
Loves to party all the time, party all the time, party all the tiiiiiime.
Gerhard Saric

Major experience in fundraising, particularly EU funds. Loves fishing and watching mudwrestling. Takes pleasure in filling out taxes and renewing documents. Long lines in government buildings do not affect him. Often visits museums and goes camping to make his wife and kids happy even though he hates it. Good at buying online presents
Andrian Juric

Expert in new technologies, most-copied person during tests at university, unlucky in poker but quick fingers on Playstation. Smiles a lot and gets a lot of honks in traffic for always driving way under the speed limit. Coughs excessively when near pollen or cigarrette smoke. Always listens to what old people have to say
Bojan Zugcic

Longtime manager and specialist in leadership and coaching. Karate champion in high school and good at gardening. Drinks too much caffeine and Coca Cola, allergic to tofu and brown rice. Like long walks in the rain, never says goodbye without kissing