Venatus Jones is a consulting agency that helps small-to-medium-sized enterprises (SME’s) reach full potential without the usual formalities like suits and sky-high fees.

Venatus Jones establishes a tête-à-tête relationship with business owners, getting to know what makes their organisations tick before helping implement simple plans to lift them to the next level.
More than half of all start-up businesses fail within the first year, around 80% don’t survive five years, and over 90% don’t make it beyond 10 years.
The good news is that most businesses encounter the same problems and sometimes only a little bit of help can make the difference between going bankrupt or growing and prospering.
We are expert professionals from Croatian diaspora, with many years of combined experience in Western free-market economies. We are committed to helping Croatian SME’s become an engine of growth and sturdy backbone of society.

Weeks 1 – 10: Diagnostics

In the first 6-10 weeks, we screen the performance of your company, examining alignment with the McKinsey 7S Framework – Strategy, Structure, Systems, Staff, Style, Skills and Shared Values – before developing and implementing the best course of action.

Weeks 10 – 20: Company Goals, Timelines, Preparation

Now that we have diagnosed the core issues affecting your business we work with you to develop strategic goals to address them. We then plan and prepare your business on how to execute your winning strategy.
Living and working in Western free markets, we have witnessed first-hand typical W-shaped business cycles. We will help you identify and anticipate the various stages, whether it be cutting costs by building efficiencies or developing capabilities for growth.

Weeks 20 – 30: Marketing, Operations, Analytics

With a strategic plan set we focus on the technical components of your business: Marketing, Operations, and Analytics.
You may need help reaching customers through savvy marketing, more effective sales funnels, in-depth research or networking. You may need advice on speaking to your bank, securing favorable credit terms, accessing government subsidies or EU non-returnable funding. You may need to recruit skilled staff, re-train current employees or groom leaders to succeed you as majority owners

Weeks 30 – 40: Quality Assurance & Improvement

We review the transformation your company has undergone through the Venatus Jones model and implement policies

Eugene is a serial entrepreneur from Sydney specialising in business strategy, marketing, and sales with longtime experience for global brands including Vodafone, AP, Red Bull, Knight Frank and The New York Times. He’s a Lean and Agile, Design thinker, who never holidays without his golf clubs – until his two little girls came around and changed his life.

Gerhard brings German work ethics and precision with his vast experience in fundraising, particularly EU funds. He has advised businesses and governments from Munich to South Carolina in the US and countries of South East Europe. He loves fishing and takes pleasure in filling out taxes and renewing documents. Long lines in government buildings do not affect him.

Andrian is the youthful revolutionary, introducing companies to new technologies in the era of big data, robots and AI. Working for engineering giants, Andrian is bent on streamlining and building efficiencies. His innovations help businesses find new markets and customers easier. He is has a mathematical genius and enjoys counting cards in poker before walking down the isle later this year.
Longtime corporate manager, Bojan is a specialist in operations, leadership and coaching. Plying his trade in France, Russia and Turkey, he is resourceful and understands cultural and other soft skills required to build big, results-oriented teams. Bojan likes to use voicemail excessively, giving him a chance to respond to people with carefully thought-out answers.