Investment – Adrenalin and anxiety of reaching success

When you start your business there is a feeling of high adrenalin and optimism mixed with anxiety. You invest your time and money to succeed and this feeling stays until you see results. This may take months or years, but when it comes it brings a sense of calm and achievement, you have made it and your business is making money. 
But don’t be fooled by success. It could be short-lived as most businesses decline if they don’t transition from initial success to planned growth cycles. Depending on size of your business, investment may be to expand into larger offices, appoint key management, or staff training or equipment. For larger businesses, this may be expanding into another city or establishing franchise systems.
Not making the right investments means a business will eventually run out of money or energy.

Sustained growth – Stability but stress of stagnation and decline

Many businesses in Croatia are in this phase, they have plateaued and face further stagnation before decline. They are often close to retirement age and have not groomed successors or prepared for sale at the right time of value.
They have a few good clients, mostly government or global brands but their competitors are growing.
Businesses that don’t properly restructure and invest in this phase   will decline. Key clients, suppliers, and staff will leave, and the business will eventually close.
Here we implement the Venatus Jones 40-week model to build capabilities for sustained growth through business cycles:
We analyse 7 key areas:
– Strategy
– Structure
– Systems
– Style
– Staff
– Skills
– Shared Values
We want you to build a business that will survive and thrive without your direct involvement. You can be free to take a more supervisory role or retire altogether, you do not only have a business, you have a business model, and it can live through typical free market cycles.