Much like in sports, you need to have some talent and some luck to succeed in business. But becoming a champion requires staying at the top of your game for more than one tournament or one match. It requires consistency of great strategy and great operations.

Good strategy applies to the vision your business has and how clear the directors and senior managers are about the business plan. What are the goals and how do they plan to implement the tactics to deliver results?

Good operations applies to the execution of strategy, the ability of employees on the ground to produce, package, sell and deliver to customers or clients effectively.

There are many factors that contribute to good strategy and operations, including organisatinal structure, management style, marketing spend, the quality of staff, technology, innovations and alignment of all of the above.

The below chart is a great discussion starter. Most businesses fit into one of the four boxes. Have a little think about which box best describes your business?

VJ Business Health Gauge