Eugene Brcic Jones – Strategy , Marketing and Sales Gerhard Saric – EU Funds Andrian Juric – New Technologies Bojan Zugcic – Leadership and Coaching
A consultant specialising in strategy, marketing with longtime experience for global brands including Vodafone, Red Bull and KPMG. Likes cooking exotic dishes and pushing shopping trolleys in busy supermarkets. Major experience in fundraising, particularly EU funds. Loves fishing and watching mudwrestling. Takes pleasure in filling out taxes and renewing documents. Often visits museums and goes camping to make his wife and kids happy even though he hates it. Expert in new technologies, most-copied person during tests at university, unlucky in poker but quick fingers on Playstation. Smiles a lot and gets a lot of honks in traffic for always driving way under the speed limit. Coughs excessively when near pollen or cigarrette smoke.Longtime manager and specialist in leadership and coaching. Karate champion in high school and good at gardening. Drinks too much caffeine and Coca Cola, allergic to tofu and brown rice. Favorite with elderly citizens.